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Diploma in Pharmacy is a 2-year-long career-oriented, diploma course. Students who wish to pursue a long-term career in the medical field of pharmaceutical sciences, can take admission to the D Pharma course.


Bachelor in Pharmacy is a 4-year-long career-oriented, Bachelor course. Students who wish to pursue a long-term career in the medical field of pharmaceutical sciences, can take admission to the B Pharma course.

Benefits and career in D.Pharm and B.Pharm

Job Options after D.Pharm
  • Clinical Pharmacist: The job profile requires direct patient care thus, promoting optimized medication, healthcare, wellness and disease prevention. A clinical pharmacist must be an expert in the therapeutic use of medicine as they need to advise their patients about using the medicines correctly and safely.
  • Drug Inspector: Drug inspectors are in charge of keeping tabs on the duplicity and piracy of drugs. It is their duty to even check if any illegal work is going on in chemist shops and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Analytical Chemist: To become an analytical chemist, the individual must be well versed in bioanalysis, forensic science, environmental analysis, clinical analysis, and materials analysis. Their job is to study the test the chemical composition and behaviours of many different salts.
  • Retail Pharmacist: Commonly seen around us, a retail pharmacist provides healthcare advice and supplies prescription and non-prescription medication to the consumers. Retail pharmacists are mostly recruited by independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains, etc.
  • Medical Writer: A medical writer writes scientific documents on drugs and/ or diseases according to their research. Their writings may involve publication articles, promotional literature, content for healthcare websites, magazines or news articles.
Job Options after B.Pharm
  • Medical Writer: A medical writer works with doctors, scientists, and other subject matter experts, creates documents that effectively and clearly describe research results, product use, and other medical information.
  • Clinical Research Associate: A Clinical Research Associate collects and organizes data obtained during studies and in field trials, and coordinates and processes results gained from long-term testing of drugs, products and medical procedures.
  • Drug Safety Associate :A drug safety associate is responsible for monitoring the safety of pharmaceutical drugs and evaluating as well as preventing adverse reactions in patients. He/she must distinguish and analyze the ratio of risks & benefits of a drug that is marketed in the pharma sector.
  • Pharmaceutical Scientist :They are well-trained and experts mainly responsible to discover, develop, test and manufacturing new medications and drugs.
  • Formulation Development Associate : FD Associate is responsible for the development of new products, processes systems and formulations in drugs, is able to execute all aspects of formulation from bench top to manufacture within the given deadlines, and provides technical support to the team.