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Our Facilities

These Are the Facilities That Are Provided By Us

Pharmaceutics labs.

The Department is equipped with the state of art laboratories and modern facilities which have been considered as the most sophisticated infrastructure in this region.

The Department has different laboratories to deal with the curricular content in the areas of pharmaceutics, physical pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical technology, industrial pharmacy and biopharmaceutics in the B.Pharm.

Major Equipments Available:

  1. Tablet punching machine
  2. Dissolution rate test apparatus
  3. Disintegration test apparatus
  4. UV/ VIS Spectrophotometer
  5. Rotary flash evaporator
  6. Laminar Air Flow
  7. Laboratory Mixer

Biotechnology lab

The Biotechnology Laboratory at SRS College of Pharmacy offers state-of-the-art facilities for inquiry-based laboratory investigations and hands-on activities to help students better appreciate the promise of biotechnology and understand its tools and techniques. The laboratory has latest equipment to conduct various biotechnological experiments starting with basic cell biology to modern DNA analysis.

Here are a few essentials that every biotechnology lab must have:

  1.  Autoclave
  2.  Microcentrifuges
  3.  Microcentrifuge Tube Racks
  4.  Centrifuge Tubes
  5.  Water Bath
  6.  Incubators
  7.  Cryo Tubes
  8.  Petri Dish
  9.  Bunsen Burner
  10.  PCR Tubes
  11.  Electrophoresis Chamber

Pharmaceutical chemistry lab

The College has a Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab which is well-equipped for practicals in Medicinal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Biochemistry etc.

Apparatus in lab: Oven, Hot Plate, Melting Point Apparatus, Heating Mantle, Water Bath, Kipps apparatus, Atomic Models, Chemical Balance, Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate, Electric Water Bath, pH meter, Melting point apparatus, Refractometer, Viscometer, Water Bath, Colorimeter, Potentiometer, UV Visible Spectrophotometer V-630, Flame Photometer, Conductivity Meter, Electronic Balance, Refractometer Abbe, Research Polarimeter.



Pharmaceutical analysis lab

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab provides high quality, validated  chemical analysis of pharmaceutical samples from partners in the developing world.

There are many key developmental phases, services, and processes within pharma and drug discovery laboratories.

Pharmaceutical development includes (but is not limited to) formulation, such as API, preformuation, screening, etc; preclinical development, such as pharmacology services, ADME-Tox, biomarker testing, and more. The major equipment of the Pharmaceutical Analysis are given below.

  1. Automated / Integrated Workcell.
  2. Biomolecular Interaction Analysis. Automated Biomolecular Interaction Analyzer.
  3. Blood Chemistry Analyzer / Blood Analyzers. ...
  4. Cell Counters / Colony Counters. ...
  5. Cell Disruptor.
  6. Cell Harvesting System.
  7. CO2 Transmitter / Carbon Dioxide Transmitter.
  8. Colony Picker.

Pharmacology lab

Our Pharmacology Lab Has Various Equipment .Some Major One Are Given Below 

  1. Dissolution test apparatus
  2. Disintegration test apparatus
  3. Kymograph
  4. Plethysmograph
  5. Rudolph’s Magnus Organ Bath
  6. Flame Photometer
  7. Analytical Balance
  8. pH Meter
  9. Vogel Test Apparatus
  10. Histamine Chamber

Computer lab

The SRS Computer Centre is equipped with computing facility with Dual Core computers connected through the Local Area Network. All students have free access to the Laptops to do their work any time of the day. The high speed internet connectivity of 16 mbps (24*7) to access vast intellectual resources. These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are expected to use computers in their day-to-day study in order to meet


the challenges of modern learning and to keep pace with global scenario. Students are provided training on SAP, Tally ERP 9, MS Office-2013 and Internet. In addition to the computers, there is access to wide range of facilities including documentation, advice and training on supported software. Institute website has been dynamically designed to update the latest development in the institute on day to day basis.

Machine Room

The machine room equipped with instruments and machinery used in manufacturing of tablets, capsules, injectables, liquid orals and ointment sections. The machine room is spacious with the available of single punch tablet machine, coating pan, dissolution rate test apparatus, disintegration rate test apparatus, ampoule filling and sealing machine, bottle filling machine, sieve shaker, capsule filling machine, mechanical stirrer, double cone blender, tray dryer and ointment filling machine. This laboratory provides a window for young and aspiring pharmacist to be well versed with the manufacturing aspect of different formulation in real time.


We have a spacious, furnished library with enumerable professional books . Library subscribes several magazines and journals to prepare the students to keep abreast with the current trends and updates of Pharmacy .

Lecture hall

The institution has well- ventilated spacious modern class rooms with good ventilation; lighting and adequate furniture’s which provide a conducive learning environment for the students. We have conventional as well as latest teaching methodologies that encourage the student to awaken their curiosity and desire to learn.


The college has transport facilities for the students to reach their respective clinical areas of practice and to participate in various field visits. It is also provided for the day scholars from the vicinity of Lucknow city to reach the campus in time.

Power Backup Facilities

Institute has provided the facility of powerbackup system in case of failure of electricity. Separate Power backup facility is provided at central

CCTV Surveillance

Our Campus has cctv camera in every classroom Through which we can monitor all the Activity of the Student . By Using the CCTV Camera we can see All the activity like Indiscipline of Student ,  Teachers' Behaviour ,  Keep Store All the Activity in the Classroom , Dealing with Emergency situtations,  helps to Abort the Ragging and Other illegal Activities.

Herbal Garden

An herb garden is often a dedicated space in a garden, devoted to growing a specific group of plants called herbs or medicinal plants. They can just be dedicated patches where such herbs grow randomly, or they may also be carefully designed. Herb gardens could be purely functional for growing these important plants, or they could also include a blend of functional, medicinal, and ornamental plants.

Medicinal plants and herbs are considered valuable and important ingredients which can be used in development of life saving drugs. Apart from that, these plants also play a critical role in the health, well-being and human cultures of people around the world.


The Auditorium  in SRS College of Pharmacy is spacious, wide, and well-lighted creating a perfect ambience for organizing academic meetings, seminars, events